How Do Brands Respond to COVID-19

The Coronavirus or now known as COVID-19 is a disease that was found in late 2019 and declared a pandemic by WHO (World Health Organisation) on March 11 2020. People who are infected by this disease will suffer from respiratory illnesses, some recovering without any special treatment necessary, while others with underlying medical conditions such as cardiovascular diseases or diabetes may experience complications.

As the number of cases around the world continue to increase, many countries are going into lockdown which in turn effects businesses in these countries. Countries that have gone into lockdown include China, India and the United Kingdom.

With the increase in the number of countries more and more people have started to use social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, as means of entertaining themselves. The amount of interaction between people on social media have also increased with people supporting each other and doing challenges during this period of self-isolation.

Many brands are now using the sudden increase in social media platforms to their advantage. Brands that continue to rise are those that continuously improve their social media presence as well as marketing on social media. These brands focus on remarketing campaigns as well as using features on social media such as Facebook and Instagram Live. They are also making their advertisements more relatable to those stuck at home.

Many brands are now beginning to use their online presence as a way to raise money to give back to the community or to increase awareness. An example of a brand doing this is NBA, NBA has used its large online platform to educate their followers by sharing information regarding this pandemic and necessary actions that need to be taken. . Other brands that have not done anything to increase awareness regarding this pandemic may be looked down upon by people.

What would you do if you were one of these major brands?

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