Increase in Ecommerce

As majority of countries around the world remain under lockdown and with governments imposing self-isolation laws many businesses have now shifted to ecommerce. Ecommerce refers to commercial transactions that are conducted online. Popular ecommerce companies include Amazon, eBay and Ali Baba just to name a few.

Even before the pandemic started, the amount of ecommerce businesses were increasing at a rapid rate. One of the fastest growing markets in ecommerce is the fresh food market. In China alone the size of the market rose from 4 billion yuan in 2012 to 139.3 billion yuan in 2017. Even as the older generations continue to go to wet markets and regular supermarkets, the younger generation prefer to do their grocery shopping online. As it allows for convenience and less time consumption.

Now with the case of the coronavirus, or also known as COVID-19, the amount of fresh food ecommerce markets is increasing around the world. Examples including Happy Fresh, Sayurbox and Tukang Sayur in Indonesia. The online shopping option for Coles and Woolworths is also considered a fresh food ecommerce.

With this rapid growth happening in ecommerce markets, ecommerce companies have to take on a more digital approach to their marketing strategies as well. Examples of a more digital approach to marketing include, being mobile friendly, improving checkouts and encouraging purchases through social media, such as Instagram or Facebook. Businesses nowadays focus on a more digital approach to marketing as not only is it connected to their platform but also because we are now living in a more digital era.

As a consumer what would attract you to shop from online retailers instead of physical ones?

6 thoughts on “Increase in Ecommerce

  1. This is a very interesting article you wrote! This is so true on how every company needs to start building up their online presence! I love how you use your data. It’s relative, it’s a real life case ❤


  2. Really interesting post! My housemates and I have all started using different fresh food meal kits since the virus has started as it just makes it a lot easier to have good meals that don’t require any of us to leave the house unnecessarily. I think the convenience of online shopping would attract most consumers, however, I think when it comes to specific purchases (e.g., clothes) it is easier to shop at an actual store


    1. Definitely, I also think that when purchasing items such as clothing it’s easier to purchase it at a store, you’ll be able to try on the product and see how it fits before actually purchasing it.


  3. Great post. I find it really interesting to see how the pandemic is impacting industries and sub industries separately. It seems like just as many companies are still thriving right now as much as others are declining. This has definitely had a positive impact on the fresh food industry. For me however, food shopping is the only thing actually getting me out the house so if I turned to purchasing online I’m not sure I’d ever see daylight haha.


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